Self-Directed PRSAs

As a nation we are living longer which makes retiring planning more important than ever. No matter what your age, retirement seems like a long way off. However, retirement could account for anything up to 40 years of your lifetime, depending on your circumstances so now is the time you need to start putting plans into action to ensure you can enjoy your retirement to the full.

A Personal Retirement Savings Account (“PRSA”) affords everyone the opportunity to efficiently plan for their retirement and is designed to suit all types of people. It allows you take the opportunity to control how your pension plan is invested; the range of investment options are extensive and include deposits, structured products, shares in private and public companies, government and corporate bonds, insurance company funds and various property investment options.

What is a non-standard PRSA? 

A non-standard Personal Retirement Savings Account (PRSA) is a tax-efficient, flexible pension plan set up by you to save for your retirement. Our non-standard PRSA gives you complete control over the investment of your pension scheme. 

How can I contribute to a PRSA? 

With a Quest Retirement Solutions PRSA you can control the frequency and level of the contributions that you wish to make. 

PRSA contributions can be made monthly or on a single contribution basis. Contributions can be made by cheque or electronic fund transfer.

The contribution amount can be amended at any time and contributions can also be ceased but Quest Retirement Solutions Ltd will need to be notified if either of these circumstances are to occur. In addition, once-off contributions can be made at any time by yourself and/or your employer on your behalf. Such flexibility allows you to constantly control how much you would like contribute to your PRSA, without any penalty. 

Key Benefits of a self-directed PRSA: In Summary

Self-directed non-standard PRSA Documentation

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