Self-Directed PRBs

The Quest Retirement Solutions self-directed PRB has been designed to facilitate the investment of paid-up occupational pensions, occupational pension schemes that are being wound up or existing PRBs. With a self-directed PRB the client, with the help of their Financial Broker, can take control of their fund and can decide where they wish to invest their money.

A self-directed PRB can invest in a range of asset classes such as structured products, deposit accounts, shares in private and public companies, government and corporate bonds, insurance company funds, gold certificates and various property investment options. 

What is a self-directed PRB? 

A self-directed PRB is a pension structure approved by the Revenue Commissioners (under Chapter 1 Part 30 of the Taxes Consolidated Acts 1997). It is a flexible arrangement with a very flexible charging structure. Your PRB is designed to facilitate the transfer of funds from paid up company pension funds or existing PRBs.

Key Benefits of a self-directed PRB: In Summary

Self-directed PRB Documentation

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